Yoga Asana Classes in Tainan

Our yoga practices consist of 42 asanas (yogic postures), 13 mudras (exercise to strengthen muscles and nerves) and 5 pranayamas (breathing exercises that balance our subtle energy centres or cakras). We cover the full range of poses: standing, sitting, forward bend, backward bend, twists and inverted. Our style of yoga also includes a technique of self massage to rejuvenate the immune system and yogic dances which have numerous benefits for the body and mind.The classes are tailored for the beginner and no previous experience is required to learn. Our style of yoga is gentle and restorative, with frequent pauses in deep relaxation to enable the practitioner to assimilate the effect of the pose on their entire body.



In fact the asanas are a means to make the body flexible and subtle so that one can sit and enjoy the higher level of yoga known as meditation. Each class has a short practice of guided meditation to enable you to learn this practice easily and enjoyably. A topic relating to the yogic lifestyle (diet, fasting, use of water, yogic ethics, balancing the cakras)  is also explained every week to deepen your knowledge of this esoteric yet totally practical approach to living fully and holistically.





Benefits of Yoga for Health

  • Relief from Stress and Fatigue
  • Overcome Anxiety and Depression
  • Energy Enhancement
  • Focused mind
  • Improved memory
  • Stronger Will-power
  •  Inner calmness
  • Joyful life


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