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Yoga Detox Retreat in Taiwan

24 8 月 @ 2:00 下午 - 28 8 月 @ 3:00 下午

Our 5 day juice cleanse & yoga program combines the power of juice fasting and nutritious meals designed specifically to help the body naturally heal itself. You will feel refreshed and revitalized when you leave our center.  It is a great way to cleanse in a supportive environment. You will enjoy 2 full days of liquid fasting, three days of delicious and detoxing meals, workshops, private health consultations, group support, daily yoga and meditation classes.  Our retreats are held in our beautiful Yoga Wellness Center with private and semi-private rooms, green rooftop for mud pack and sun bath, beautiful gardens and organic farm.

This yoga detox program is designed to create better health and relaxation. It is especially designed for those who want to feel more energized, struggle with weight problems, need help kicking bad habits, want to eliminate toxins, or simply wish to feel less stressed. The usual method to achieve better health is to heal various ailments, to focus on what is wrong with us and then treat the symptoms. But in our programs, we build better health by creating an environment where problems and imbalances simply do not thrive.  Together we create a higher frequency of being where optimum health arises naturally. That’s the power of our holistic rejuvenation program. That’s the effectiveness of simply combining juice fasting, yoga therapy, wellness foods and meditation.

This comprehensive program will teach you simple, effective techniques to take charge of your own health. Combined with yoga and meditation, such a program can unlock the secrets to vibrant health. And that’s what this retreat is all about!

The solutions to preventive health are quite simple! This program will teach you all about them!

What to Expect


  • Daily Workshops on Holistic Wellness, Detox cuisine, and Naturopathic Health
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation
  • Group Support
  • Delicious Light Foods
  • 2 Days of Juice & Broth Fasting (adjustments can be made)
  • Useful Detox therapies such as Mud Packs
  • Informative & Supportive Staff
  • Private/Semi Private Rooms (optional)
  • Organic fruits and vegetables from our farm (seasonal)
  • Art therapy class
  • Visit to Hot springs

Daily Schedule

1st day2nd day3rd day4th day5th day
2:00pm Registration05:30 Wake up05:30 Wake up05:30 Wake up05:30 Wake up
2:30 Introduction06:00 Meditation06:00 Meditation06:00 Meditation06:00 Meditation
3:00 Orientation06:30 Lemon water06:30 Lemon water06:30 Lemon water06:30 Lemon water
5:30 Yoga Asanas07:30 Yoga Asanas07:30 Yoga Asanas07:30 Yoga Asanas07:30 Yoga Asanas
6:30 Meditation09:00 Juice09:00 Juice09:00 Breakfast09:00 Breakfast
7:00 Dinner10:00 Class10:00 Class10:00 Class10:00 Cooking Class
8:00 Evening walk12:00 Free time12:00 Free time12:00 Free time12:00 Free time
8:30 Self introduction1:00 Juice1:00 Juice1:00 Lunch12:30 Lunch
9:30 Lights out2:00 Free time2:00 Free time2:00 Free time1:30 Prepare to leave
3:00 Ecotherapy2:30 Mudpack3:00 Hot spring2:00 Closing cirlce
4:00 Tea time4:00 Tea time4:00 Tea time3:00 Goodbye
5:30 Yoga Asanas5:30 Yoga Asanas5:30 Yoga Asanas
6:30 Meditation6:30 Meditation6:30 Meditation
7:00 Juice7:00 Juice7:00 Dinner
8:00 Evening walk8:00 Evening walk8:00 Evening walk
8:30 Video8:30 Video8:30 Art Therapy
9:30 Lights out9:30 Lights out9:30 Lights out


Room TypePrice per personEarly-bird priceReturning Guests
Shared (4 per room)NT$12,000*NT$10,800NT$10,800
Couples or friends (2 per room)NT$18,000*NT$16,200NT$16,200
Single roomNT$24,000*NT$21,600NT$21,600

Price Includes:

  • Accommodation
  • All juices & meals – nutritionally-balanced, delicious, vegetarian menu
  • Treatments
  • Twice daily yoga class
  • Meditation
  • Classes on yoga, wellness, health and nutrition
  • Pick up and drop off at Yujing bus station
  • Visit to Hot springs

There are no other program costs.

Cancellation Policy

Ananda Marga Yoga Wellness Center reserves the right to cancel a retreat at any time.  If a retreat is cancelled, you will be given a  minimum of 1 weeks notice and receive a full refund.  Cancellations can be transferred to another retreat date.

If You cancel your Retreat booking the following charges will apply in relation to each booking:

i. Refunds are available up to 20 days before the start date of the program, your fee can be transferred to another retreat (less a NT$500 processing fee).

ii. If a cancellation occurs between 19 days and 72 hours before the start date of the program, your fee can be transferred to another retreat (less a NT$2,000 cancellation fee*). 

iii. If a cancellation occurs between 72 and 48 hours before the start date of the program, there is a NT$3,000 cancellation fee.*

iv. No credits or refunds are available for cancellations within 48 hours before the start date of a program, or for no-shows, or for leaving an event early. 

*Please allow 7 days for processing of fees.



24 8 月 @ 2:00 下午
28 8 月 @ 3:00 下午